Fuck the Dealer Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 22nd, 2008

The dealer holds the deck of cards and the other person has to guess what card (just the number) is on the top of the deck.  If their guess is wrong, the dealer says either higher or lower and the player guesses again.  If the person however guesses correctly on their first try, the dealer has to drink for 10 seconds.   If the guess is wrong again on the second try, the player drinks for as many seconds as they were off from the actual number.  After 3 people in a row are not able to guess the card by their second guess, the dealer passes the cards to the next person.

It’s called ‘fuck the dealer’ b/c toward the end of the game when most of the cards have been used, it’s a lot easier to guess cards so whoever is the last dealer ends up getting fucked.

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