Texas Hold’Em With Beer

Posted by admin on Mar 3rd, 2014

For those of us who enjoy an occasional drinking game, there’s nothing better than finding something new to enjoy. Sure, the standard game of Beer Pong or King’s Cup will always be the most popular option in a crowd, but presenting your friends with a new game can add another dimension to your party experience. And sometimes the best place to look for a fun new drinking game is popular board and card games that already exist.

Texas Hold'Em Drinking Game

Specifically, it’s remarkable that more people don’t turn Texas Hold’Em into a drinking game, given the wild popularity of this particular type of poker. We frequently see Texas Hold’Em tournaments on ESPN and other forms of poker are significantly lesser known, so why not drink to the most popular card game out there? If this idea sounds fun, here are a few tips for working out a Texas Hold’Em drinking game.


    • Know The Ordinary Rules – Nothing is worse than sitting down with friends to play Texas Hold’Em and then figuring out none of you actually knows the full range of rules and terms. Online poker site Betfair features a how-to-play page for Texas Hold’Em that’s a solid reference, because it explains betting intervals, blinds, dealing, etc. It’s not uncommon to feel confident about these rules until you actually have to run a game and then realize there’s more to learn, so a resource like this can be crucial.


    • Use Chips – Before you start working on currency (as in, what each bet is worth in drinks), get your chips handy. There’s always a temptation to do betting verbally (as in, “I bet one 1 on this hand”), but this quickly gets confusing and cluttered. Make sure you have chips on hand, and then simply assign them values in drinks.


    • Assign Value – This is where your own creativity comes into play. Drinkswap has a few suggestions, such as one beer being equal to 20 seconds. With this sort of format, you can have chips worth values of 5, 10, 15 seconds etc. and bet accordingly, with the loser of a hand drinking for the seconds he or she lost. Another option is to take a power hour approach and make chips worth shot glasses full of beer.


    • Know Your Limits – This is just a reminder that assigning seconds quickly adds up to several drinks per game. Know your limits when you’re assigning value.


    • All-in = chugging, if you lose. This should be a rule in any Texas Hold’Em drinking game!


Ultimately it’s pretty simple, but again, it’s surprising how few drinking game enthusiasts have tried Texas Hold’Em with beer. Give it a shot, and you’ll probably have a new game among your favorites.

The Blockbuster One-upper [PIC]

Posted by Mike on Aug 5th, 2008
The Blockbuster One-upper

The Blockbuster One-upper

Check this out: The Chuggler

Posted by Mike on Jun 3rd, 2008

The Chuggler

Check out a great evolution in drinking and our partner in fun, Chuggler! This ingenious drinking tool is half funnel/half pitcher and totally great as gift or party item. You can check out more information on the Chuggler at their site.


Fuck the Dealer Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 22nd, 2008

The dealer holds the deck of cards and the other person has to guess what card (just the number) is on the top of the deck.  If their guess is wrong, the dealer says either higher or lower and the player guesses again.  If the person however guesses correctly on their first try, the dealer has to drink for 10 seconds.   If the guess is wrong again on the second try, the player drinks for as many seconds as they were off from the actual number.  After 3 people in a row are not able to guess the card by their second guess, the dealer passes the cards to the next person.

It’s called ‘fuck the dealer’ b/c toward the end of the game when most of the cards have been used, it’s a lot easier to guess cards so whoever is the last dealer ends up getting fucked.

Landmines Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 15th, 2008

Everybody gets a shot glass or cup and fills it up with a drink. Take a quarter and spin it, then finish your shot and pick up the quarter between two fingers (volcon style!).  If the quarter stops before you finish or you mess up grabbing it, you most go again.  Pass the quarter along when you do it right.

Landmines come into play when you finish a can or bottle DURING the game. While a person is drinking slam your can or bottle on the coin and make them go again. The landmine stays on the table and when a coin hits the landmine they have to do it all over again. 

Beer Pong Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 10th, 2008

On a table shorter than 8 feet your elbow may not pass the back edge of the table. On tables 8 feet long your shoulder may not pass the back edge of the table.If both teams are new to the table players must shootout to see which team goes first. Players must shoot at the same time while looking into the eyes of their opponent. Challengers always shoot second.Reorganize cups at 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 for an easier, faster game. Reorganize cups at 6 and 3 for a more challenging game. Another option is allow two re-racks per side at any point during the game, except mid-turn.

Cups may only be reorganized at the beginning of your turn. It is your responsibility to ask for a re-rack, your opponent does not have to re-rack unless you remember to request one.

Distracting your opponent is allowed as long as you are not obstructing your opponent’s ability to see the cups.

If you and your teammate make both your shots consecutively you get both the balls back and you get to shoot again.

Teammates alternate drinking cups as they are made.

Bounce shots: if a ball goes directly from a player’s hand to the table top and then into a cup it counts for 2 cups. If a bounce shot is attempted the defending team may grab or swat the ball out of the air before it reaches the cups. (pay attention)

If a ball drops in your cup for any reason the cup must be drunk and removed (this does not count if it was dropped in by a non-player, unless that person was giving a guest shot).

Once a ball bounces off anything (i.e. the beer pong table, rim of a cup, your forehead) you may grab it before it falls into a cup.

If you knock over a cup it is lost.

If you touch a ball in the air before it bounces or crosses the edge of the table you must remove and drink 2 cups.

Only girls can blow. If a ball is spinning around inside a cup girls can blow in the cup to try and get the ball out. However, if a ball is blown on in one cup, and then that ball goes into another cup, both cups must be drunk.

Last cup policy: if your opponent makes his shot into your last cup, you and your teammate have the opportunity to rebut. This means you and your opponent get one last chance to shoot till you miss. If you can make all you the remaining cups without missing both teams return to 3 cups.

If there are only 2 cups remaining and both are made consecutively in the same turn there is no rebuttal. If there is only one cup remaining and both teammates make their shots into that cup in the same turn the game is over.

No fist fighting (Fist fighting results in disqualifications).

All disputes will be settled by management / the house.

Make sure to create your custom beer pong balls over at:


Fuzzy Duck Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 10th, 2008

In turn, players alternately utter the phrases “fuzzy duck” and “ducky fuzz”. A player may also opt to say, “does he?”, in which case play resumes in the opposite direction. If a player says the wrong thing, plays out of turn, says “does he” too often, or breaks the rhythm of the game, they have to drink an agreed-upon measure of an alcoholic beverage. This increases the chance of further mistakes.

An easier, alternative version allows players to say the same phrase (“fuzzy duck” or “ducky fuzz”) until someone says “does he?”. This reverses the direction of play and introduces the phrase change.

Increasing intoxication makes the game more challenging. Even when sober, it is easy to misspeak the words “fuzzy duck”, “ducky fuzz”, and “does he” because they are mild toungue-twisters which require a bit of concentration. Invariably, players render the proper words as the spoonerisms “fucky duzz” or “duzzy fuck”, which sound like “fuck he does” and “does he fuck”. Sometimes, an unsuspecting player is surprised when they have spoken a profanity, which can add to the fun of the game.

Edward 40-Hands Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 10th, 2008

In order to play this game all you need is duct tape and two 40′s of beer for each person. You tape one 40 to each of your hands and you can’t take them off until both of the 40′s are empty.

Edward 40-Hands
This means that if you need to go to the bathroom, you either chug the beers or wet yourself. You can’t answer your cell phone, or basically do anything until you drink the two 40′s completly.

Power Hour Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 10th, 2008

This game is all about drinking. The object is to take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour. It sounds pretty easy but believe me, it isn’t. If you want to prove you are really a man you can try to join the Century Club.

The Century Club is doing a shot every minute for 100 minutes. You can add rules to this game if you want. An example is if you go to the bathroom before the end of the hour you must finish a beer. At the end of the hour you will usually have had six beers.

Ride the Bus Rules

Posted by Mike on Apr 10th, 2008

Ride the Bus is a drinking game played through using a standard pack of cards and enough alcohol to support the required players. The recommended number of players is between 3 and 7. If 8 play, one acts as dealer and receives no hand, this rotates each round.The object of the game is to have the fewest cards at the end of the round.

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